Simply Me confidence workshops focus on:

  • NLP techniques

  • time-line therapy

  • coaching sessions

  • body language

  • voice techniques

  • posture techniques

  • presentations

  • one to one coaching available

This is a series of workshops that will develop your confidence. The key is to understand the source of our lack of confidence and once we have figured that out, we can then work on addressing our inner voice and change negative thinking into positive chat.

We experiment with coaching exercises, NLP techniques, Time Line Therapy, consider posture, body language, breathing, our voice and a whole lot more. It’s enlightening and positive, and can create a start to a whole new way of living using inner confidence and strong self esteem.

This course is aimed at adults and teenagers working in small groups.

I come from a performance background and I had lost all of my confidence, not just in my own abilities, but in many aspects of my life. I was very negative about things and I couldn't seem to get myself out of that state of mind.
I was put in contact with Nicky through a friend and after first meeting with her, I immediately felt at ease. She has a lovely warm and calming demeanour which eased any of my anxieties.
I had some great sessions with her and I quickly started to feel different. Since then, I have completely turned my life around. I'm in a wonderful relationship, I applied to University to study Nursing and I got accepted. I'm in a much better place.
Don't get me wrong, I occasionally have the odd difficult days, but the sessions Nicky provides have trained me to be able to strip it all back and re-focus. That way, I soon get back on track! 😊
I would recommend Nicky to anybody, she's brilliant!


If you would like more information about Simply Me confidence workshops please…contact Nicky