Acting with simplicity focuses on the following:

  • confidence building

  • posture and body language

  • voice techniques

  • pieces

  • drama games & role-play

  • characterisation work

  • improvisation

  • L.A.M.D.A


Acting can be a way of unlocking inner confidence. Sometimes acting out a situation or a play can create astonishing personal insight, and our own experience can add something wonderful to the written word. So this practical course of workshops beings brings together the body, voice and thoughts to add technique and skill to performance as well unlock personal understanding.

An important aspect of acting is the ability to put yourself into a situation and react to it as if it were happening in real life.  It’s a simple technique. Once we explore how this feels, it can liberate us to express ourselves more easily, whether it be on stage or in our every day life. Once we have truly learned this skill, we can then develop our own discipline in working with text.

This works on so many levels, and not only with naturally gifted young actors. It is designed to empower everyone – I truly believe we all have the potential to be magnificent!

This course is for all children and young adults aged 8-18 no experience necessary, just curiosity.

Adult classes are available and can be 1 to 1, 2 to 1 or in small groups.

My daughter, Izzy, started drama lessons with Nicky when she was 12. She was, and still is, quite shy in social situations. No one was more surprised than I when I saw her on stage for the first time, in front of a large audience, playing Gwendoline, in a scene from 'The Importance of being Earnest'. My daughter had blossomed into a confident, talented actress and it was under Nicky's tutelage that this happened. Izzy is now doing a drama A level and so the journey that started with Nicky, continues.

Kate Rainbow

Nicky gave me the confidence to first perform on a stage and I learned so much from her experience and passion for acting. She was an amazing teacher. She now coaches me on my A level pieces.

Izzy RainbowStudent - Steyning Grammar School

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